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Defense Health Agency: Leading by Example, Wednesday 3 December 2014, Lt Gen Douglas Robb, DO, MPH


Enhanced Multi-Service Markets: Joint Integrated Healthcare Delivery, Wednesday 3 December 2014, RADM Terry J. Moulton


DHA Business Support Directorate: Joint Business Solutions, Wednesday 3 December 2014, Mr. Joseph Marshall, Director of DHA Business Support Directorate


DHA HIT Directorate: Joint Enterprise Standardization, Wednesday 3 December 2014, Mr. David Bowen, Director of DHA Health Information Technology Directorate


Education & Training Directorate: Tri-Service Foundation…Tri-Service Sustainment, Wednesday 3 December 2014, Brig Gen Robert Miller, USAF, MC, SFS


Medical Simulation: This Can’t Be Real, Wednesday 3 December 2014, LTC Shad Deering, MD


Telehealth: Global Reach…Global Care, Wednesday 3 December 2014, Colleen Rye, PhD and COL Daniel Kral


Medical Modernization: Matching Requirements to Demand Signal, Thursday 4 December 2014, David Smith, MD, DASD Force Health Protection & Readiness


Joint Force 2020 Requirements: Joint Concept for Health Services, Thursday 4 December 2014, MG Nadja West, MD, Joint Staff Surgeon


MHS Research, Development & Acquisition Directorate: Joint First Solutions, Thursday 4 December 2014, RADM Bruce Doll, DDS, PhD, MBA


UK-US Medical Coalition: Strategic Partnership in Action, Thursday 4 December 2014, Surgeon Rear Admiral Alasdair Walker, Royal Navy

Joint Trauma System Defense Center of Excellence: MHS Model for Strategic Partnerships, Thursday 4 December 2014, COL Kirby Gross, MD and COL Todd Rasmussen, MD


Integrated Health Care System: Supporting a 21st Century Medically Ready/Ready Medical Force, Friday 5 December 2014, MG Richard Thomas, MD and Ms. Mary Kaye Justis

TRICARE Program Transformation Panel: Putting Our Heads Together!, Friday 5 December 2014, Mr. Mark Ellis and Capt. Edward Simmer

Global Health Engagement, Shaping COCOM Strategic Environment, Friday 5 December 2014, David Smith, MD, DASD Force Health Protection & Readiness