From the Bylaws: Article V, Section 3c – The Executive Advisory Council shall consist of Association members who are:

  1. The Surgeons General of the Army, the Navy, the Air Force, and the Public Health Service
  2. The Under Secretary for Health of the Department of Veterans Affairs
  3. The Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs
  4. The President of the Uniformed Services University of the Health Sciences
  5. The Department of Defense Joint Staff Surgeon
  6. Director of the Defense Health Agency
  7. Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs, Department of Homeland Security

From the Bylaws: Article V, Section 1c – A Chair of the Executive Advisory Council, who shall be elected from the constituent services and given the title of President of AMSUS.

  • Surgeon General of the Army – LTG Nadja Y. West, MC, USA
  • Navy Surgeon General – VADM Forrest Faison, III, MC USN
  • Air Force Surgeon General – Lt Gen Mark Ediger, USAF, MC
  • Surgeon General of the United States – VADM Jerome M. Adams, UPSHS
  • Executive in Charge for the Veterans Health Administration – Dr. Carolyn Clancy
  • Assistant Secretary of Defense for Health Affairs (Acting) – Mr. Thomas McCaffery
  • President of Uniformed Services University – Richard Thomas, MD
  • Joint Staff Surgeon – RADM Colin Chinn, MC, USN
  • Director, Defense Health Agency – VADM Raquel C. Bono, MC, USN
  • Assistant Secretary for Health Affairs and Chief Medical Officer Department of Homeland Security – Kathryn Brinsfield, MD, MPH, FACEP