AMSUS membership provides professional development and networking opportunities through our bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal, the Annual Meeting, and our robust CE program. Our members represent all healthcare disciplines and are (or have been) affiliated with a federal health agency, the Department of Veterans Affairs, as well as individuals of the military medical services of other nations.


  • Individuals who are currently, or have at any time been, associated with a federal health agency or the Department of Veterans Affairs – directly or as a consultant.
  • Individuals of the military medical services of other nations.

Member Types

Active Member
Annual membership entitles you to all member benefits. Multi-year options are available at reduced rates.

Life Member
Active members who have paid dues continuously for 30 years continue to receive benefits, but no longer pay dues.

Student Member
Available to full-time, federally funded, health profession students in medical, nursing, dental, etc. school (HPSP, MODV, USUHS, NHSC, ROTC, GI Bill), and includes all the benefits of active membership including annual subscription to Military Medicine, our peer reviewed medical journal. Some students may be eligible for a one year free student membership.

Dues Rates:

1 Year = $100

2 Year = $180

3 Year = $270

Student = $50

Simple Reminders:

The “Member-Get-a-Member” program is alive and well.  When a member recruits a new member, the referring one receives an AMSUS Challenge Coin in thanks. All the new member needs to do is complete the “Referred by” section of the application.



We have all been helped in our careers by others; mentors, leaders, guides, family, and friends.  Too often we never say thanks.  If you think that may apply to you, then allow AMSUS to help you honor someone special in your life in three easy steps:

1. Go to the AMSUS store and join or renew for two years or more.
2. Email us and tell us who you want to recognize, a brief description of why, and their mailing address.
3.  We will send an AMSUS Challenge Coin to your designee with a brief handwritten note of thanks on behalf of AMSUS.