Military Medicine

Military Medicine is the association’s official bi-monthly journal. Articles published in the journal are peer-reviewed scientific papers, case reports, and editorials. The objective of the Military Medicine is to promote awareness of federal medicine by providing a forum for responsible discussion of common ideas and problems relevant to federal healthcare. Full-access to the journal is available to AMSUS Members only, which is now only available online, while an online copy containing enhanced abstracts only is available to anyone. The journal’s website is











Special Issues (or Supplements) of Military Medicine

Special issues of Military Medicine cover a variety of topics that fit within the scope and purpose of federal medicine, and meet the journal’s rigorous academic and scholarly standards. Recent topics include: Proceedings of the 2015 Military Health System Research Symposium, Raising the Bar: Extremity Trauma Care, Women in Combat, Nutritional Armor: Omega-3 for the Warfighter. Special Issues of Military Medicine are accessible at to both members and non-members.