Organized in 1891, AMSUS is a non-profit membership-based organization. AMSUS was created:

 “for the purpose of advancing the knowledge of military surgery, medicine, and sanitation in the medical departments of the Army, the Navy, and the Marine-Hospital Service of the United States and of the militia of the different States, and to increase the efficiency of the different services by mutual association and the consideration of matters pertaining to the medico-military service of the United States in peace and in war.

                                             -AMSUS Congressional Charter 1903

AMSUS supports all Federal Health Agencies including:

-Department of Defense

-Department of Veterans Affairs

-U.S. Public Health Service

-Health and Human Services

AMSUS provides professional development and education through a variety of platforms:

-Annual Meeting with learning and networking opportunities

Military Medicine, a peer-reviewed journal

-Other benefits provided by association membership

The breadth of disciplines we serve, plus over 125 years advancing the knowledge of the federal health profession, uniquely positions AMSUS to provide valuable learning platforms to the men and women of federal health organizations.


Membership Benefits

AMSUS provides a variety of benefits to its members including:

-Annual meeting

-Networking opportunities


-Annual awards program

-Bi-monthly peer-reviewed journal

-Federal health voice in military coalition

-Advocacy on Capitol Hill


Meeting and publications provide members the opportunity to share the latest on:

-Wounded Warrior Care & Rehabilitation

-Joint & Combined Operations

-Mental/Psychiatric Health

-Global Health

and more



In 2016, AMSUS celebrated its 125th Anniversary. Throughout the year, the anniversary was promoted in various forms and a publication was released covering the history of the organization, from its foundation to the current day. Articles highlighted contributors to AMSUS including the DOD, VA and Public Health. It also highlighted what AMSUS hopes to bring to military medicine over the next 125 years.








125th Anniversary Publication












Military Medicine is the official bi-monthly journal of AMSUS. Articles in the journal are peer-reviewed scientific clinical research, case reports, editorials and topical columns. The Chief Editor is William H.J. Haffner, M.D. (CAPT, USPHS, Ret.). The objective of the Journal is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of issues relevant to federal healthcare.

The journal began publication in 1892 as The Military Surgeon. Referenced in Index Medicus and on the MEDLARS system, Military Medicine is a valuable educational and informational resource for all federal health professionals.

The journal also publishes Special Issues/Supplements which highlight specific topics within federal medicine. Several topics within the past years include Women in Combat, The F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine  “America’s Medical School”  Findings from the Long-Term Outcome Study (LTCOS) and Related Work, Military Health System Research Symposium, The New Normal (in Military Health), Meeting Warfighter Medical Challenges, Nutritional Armor: Omega-3 for the Warfighter.


Various Special Issues








Women in Combat










The F. Edward Hebert School of Medicine  “America’s Medical School”  Findings from the Long-Term Outcome Study (LTCOS) and Related Work



AMSUS sponsors an annual educational meeting with Continuing Medical Education (CME/CE) credits for all health professional. It is highly attended, with a major presence by senior federal leadership and International Delegates, providing unparalleled interagency and international networking. The location changes annually, though primary venues in the near future will be in Washington, D.C.



Through our distinguished Annual Awards Program, AMSUS uniquely recognizes outstanding individuals and organizations across all federal services, as well as international military medicine leaders and professionals. The program consists of a total of 21 awards, all by independent nomination. Awards are presented at the Annual Meetings.



As a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of federal health care, AMSUS is led by one oversight group, the Board of Directors, and its mission is additionally guided by two Advisory Groups, the Executive Advisory Council and the Executive Advisory Board.



AMSUS created the Sustaining Members (SM) Section in 1953 to bring together private healthcare industry representatives with key Department of Defense, Department of Veterans Affairs, and other Federal Organizations, to meet, hear and interact with one another in an environment that fosters cooperation and the sharing of ideas for the betterment of all. The SM section is comprised of some of America’s finest companies providing medical and scientific products and services for federal healthcare agencies.




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