Organized in 1891, AMSUS is a non-profit membership-based organization. AMSUS was created:

 “for the purpose of advancing the knowledge of military surgery, medicine, and sanitation in the medical departments of the Army, the Navy, and the Marine-Hospital Service of the United States and of the militia of the different States, and to increase the efficiency of the different services by mutual association and the consideration of matters pertaining to the medico-military service of the United States in peace and in war.

                                             -AMSUS Congressional Charter 1903

AMSUS Mission

AMSUS is a XXI Century communication platform for the advancement for all health professionals in all federal health agencies, to include other nations.  The Annual Continuing Education Meetings and journal, Military Medicine, provide communication vehicles where individuals and organizations share and disseminate knowledge, while developing professional associations and relationships.

AMSUS Vision

AMSUS is the premier XXI Century membership organization for the advancement of federal health professionals, dedicated to support the goal of ever better health care for those who go in harm’s way, those who have been in harm’s way, and their families.


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