As a non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of federal health care, AMSUS is led by one oversight group, the Board of Directors, and its mission is additionally guided by two Advisory Groups, the Executive Advisory Council and the Executive Advisory Board.

Board of Directors (BOD) — The BOD is responsible for the overall management and operation of AMSUS. It approves the annual budget and annual audit, monitors and approves the AMSUS investment program, appoints and supervises the Executive Director, and delegates authority as appropriate to the Executive Director.

Executive Advisory Council (EAC)  – Consisting of the senior federal leadership, members of the EAC provide guidance and advice to AMSUS on matters affecting the interest of its members. The EAC meets several times a year at the call of the AMSUS Executive Director and/or the rotating honorary President of AMSUS to provide input into AMSUS educational initiatives, particularly the Annual Continuing Education Meeting.

Executive Advisory Board (EAB) — The EAB is composed of 12 leaders from sponsoring private sector organizations who advise AMSUS in regard to the quarterly AMSUS Policy and Strategy Forums. The quarterly forums bring together public and private sector leaders to discuss the leading policy issues of the day and strategies for the future of federal health care systems.

AMSUS Leadership — Day-to-day operations are led by an Executive Director and a Deputy Executive Director.